You should be. Concussions are a brain injury that can have serious lifetime consequences if not treated properly. Football is a contact sport and, like any sport, injuries will occur. There is, however, a misperception that Youth Football players face the same injury risk as NFL and College players.

Our Club takes player safety VERY seriously. We have tracked injuries for the 1398 children that played Issaquah Youth Football over 7 seasons. The results may surprise you.

What % of our football players sustained an injury (of any kind) requiring loss of practice/play time?


What % of our players were diagnosed w\Football-related concussion symptoms?


While we’d love to see no football-related injuries, the reality is that nearly as many kids miss practices and games due to concussions and injuries suffered off the field (e.g. bicycle accidents, playground mishaps, goofing around with friends, etc.).